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Welcome to The University of Guyana Early Childhood Centre of Excellence (UG-ECCE)! We are thrilled to welcome your child and your family to ours. At UG-ECCE, we believe that children should have the opportunity to play, to learn in a fun, safe and stimulating environment with nurturing and dedicated staff. Children will be embraced in an environment that values cultures and socially diverse backgrounds and ECD practitioners will role model inclusion to all and integrate families into the programme in a seamless manner. They will have space that encourages possibilities rather than limitations. Opportunities are developmentally appropriate and support exploration that allow for problem solving, enhancing curiosity but most importantly, promotes social interactions. Children learn through hands-on experiences that support self-exploration, creativity and individuality. These skills transfer into people who are critical thinkers as long as experiences are meaningful and are based on children’s interests.
Children will also be exposed to positive learning opportunities that will be acknowledged and supported through their achievements by positive and meaningful comments and interactions. The children will be given choices to explore and discover the world in which we live. They will have opportunities to develop their spirit, mind and body as well as gain social and emotional success. This will all transpire through ongoing positive influences that support healthy child development through innovative, evidence-based programmes ensuring that, regardless of where children begin in life, they are on a path to reach their full potential.