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Project: University of Guyana Early Childhood Centre of Excellence (UG-ECCE) was conceived in 2010 by Dr. Michelle Semple-McBean of the Department of Foundation and Education Management, Faculty of Education and Humanities, University of Guyana, and was officially established on April 12, 2022.  The main premise for the establishment of UG-ECCE rests on the need for a model institution to promote the different dimensions of care and learning that would bring about the maximum all-round development of young children in Guyana. The Centre  has envisaged an institution with an engaging and exciting learning environment for young children and their parents, voluntaries, apprentice, and researchers. From its inception to its establishment, two partnering stakeholders endorsed Project UG-ECCE and pledged commitment of support: The United Nations Children’s Fund, Guyana (UNICEF Guyana) and The Ministry of Education. 

One of the greatest barriers that impeded the progress of the project was the limited 17,000 sq. ft. area site identified for its construction. This barrier was lifted in September 2019 when Vice-Chancellor XI, Professor Paloma Mohamed Martin, in her capacity as Chair of the Transitional Management Committee (TMC) made a bold decision for the identification of an alternate site of 88,000 sq. ft. for the construction of this 15,516 sq. ft. building. 

The facility was constructed between December 2020 and April 2022 to the tune of one hundred and sixty-one million, two hundred and seventy-one thousand, one hundred and thirty-one Guyana Dollars (G$ 161,271,131), through a Grand from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana (GOG) through Basic Needs Trust Fund Implementing Agency (BNTF-IA). The furnishings and soft components for the startup phase of operations were supported by UNICEF in the amount of twenty-five million, six hundred and twenty-one thousand, four hundred and thirty-five Guyana Dollars (GY$25,621,435.00). The UG-ECCE is sustained by the Government of Guyana, through The Ministry of Education.